Plug in Charger 400

Plug in the Charger

FireBolt Rapidly Charges Hoverboard 400


Rapid Charge

Go Ride! 400

Go Ride!


Introducing the #1 HoverBoard Quick Charger!

A lightning fast charger from FIREBOLT, a brand you can trust. Ride more, charge less.

sale price

Now offering *Checkout with Amazon* to take advantage of lightning-fast shipping and discounts!

Quick Charge!

Get your board from 0 to 100% now, not later.

Charges All Hoverboards

Works with a crazy number of board brands - scroll down and check the list, your board is probably there!

Quick Shipping

Check out fast, save money and get it sooner through Amazon.

40% off right now!

The FIREBOLT is on a killer offer right now, at 40% off!

The worst thing about anything that’s battery-powered is the fact that it’s battery-powered. No matter what, you’ll have to stop using it so it can charge; but why wait three straight hours for your board to be ready to ride again? Wouldn’t you rather wait as little as 45 minutes?

If you answered yes to that question, then the FIREBOLT Quick Charger is for you. Don’t spend precious time waiting for your board to charge when you could be spending that time using it. The FIREBOLT charger is a 42 volt, 2.4 amp charger designed from the ground up to charge your board with blazing speed and get you back onto it sooner. Spend less time off your board and more time on it with the FIREBOLT Quick Charger.


FIREBOLT is compatible with the the following brands (and more):
• UWheels
• Smart Drifting Scooter
• Swiftboards
• Power Boards
• HoverBoard
• Stark Boards
• Hover Boost
• IOHawk
• Driftboard
• Razor
• Skywalker Boards
• Smart Balance Wheel
• Moonet
• Swagway
• IO Hawk
• Hoverboost
• HoverTrax (Razor)


More quick chargers coming soon!

Charge more than just your hoverboard - we’re working on getting FIREBOLT chargers out for laptops, phones and more! Spend less time plugged in and more time out.

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